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Area Rug Cleaning

Oriental, Braided and Area Rug Cleaning

Yes, we do clean oriental rugs and area rugs safely and effectively using the hot water extraction process combined with our neutral ph plant based solutions. In most cases we can clean these right in your home while providing other services to save you time and money. Our cleaning process does not penetrate beyond the backing of the carpet leaving the underside dry. This allows us to clean them on any surface and leave them to dry in place. Typically the rugs will be dry and ready for use within a few hours. A high quality rug could last lifetimes and should be cleaned by professionals.

If pet or other odors are involved we will need to clean and deodorize both sides of the rug to assure that we effectively remove any contaminants and allow deodorizer to contact the source of the odor. Our Products are not cover-ups, but are designed to treat the odor at the source.These natural enzymes and essential extracts smell like the natural ingredients they are derived from.

Steam Green Inc Now Offers In Shop Area Rug Cleaning!

For area rugs that are needing extra attention such as pet soiling and urine problems, bring your rugs to us for extensive cleaning and odor remediation!

Our process…
We use UV lights designed to pinpoint the specific problematic areas of contamination.
We then rinse the urine crystals from the fibers using a Water Claw Sub Extractor which is designed to flush and extract down to the base of the carpet surface.
We then apply a product which is designed to neutralize the odor. We allow this product to dwell for up to 24 hours to allow for thorough odor removal.
We re-clean the area rug using hot water extraction and a ph neutral cleaning agent.
Your area rug is placed in our temperature and humidity controlled drying chamber in our shop so that we can quickly and thoroughly dry your rug under ideal conditions and return it to you clean and odor free!


Most rugs can be cleaned using the hot water extraction method we use so effectively on carpets. We will pre-treat the rug with a neutral ph plant-based solution to loosen soils and break the static electric bond that develops over time, especially in wool-based rugs. Our botanical products are designed to work even with cold water. For those more delicate heirlooms we will reduce the heat without reducing the effectiveness of the cleaning. The soils are then flushed free and extracted.
The cleaning frequency will depend on level of use. For higher traffic areas like living rooms, dining rooms, hallways and entry ways, we recommend cleaning every one to three years. Regular cleaning will extend the life and appearance of the rug by removing the soil that causes wear by friction deep inside the foundation of the rug. toggle
Most rugs these days are colorfast, which means that the dyes are stable and will not have dye migration (bleeding). We can also test for this prior to cleaning. Our technicians are trained and certified by the IICRC and know how to treat many different types of textiles.
Adding waxy, greasy lanolin to a rug, usually via aerosol, looks fantastic for a short period of time. It will quickly break down however, and in the meantime will attract soil and dust. Well-cleaned wool will look and perform just fine without the lanolin that was removed from its fibers before it was even woven.
Yes, we can clean the rugs in house and deliver them when they are ready. Available upon request.