Back to School & Back to Clean in Peoria IL & Bloomington IL


Back to School & Back to Clean

After a summer of dusty shoes, food spills, and kids and pets running around the house, there’s a good chance your carpet may be looking a little worse than usual. Last year even while school going on, most kids were home due to the pandemic's remote learning restrictions. This month, schools are back in session in person and the house is quiet during the day - so what better time to schedule a carpet cleaning with Steam Green?

We spend so much time and money preparing our children for a new school year that we forget to take time for ourselves and our homes. The time has never been better to make your home a fresh and healthy environment for learning and spending quality time together.

Having your carpets professionally cleaned does more than make them look clean. It leaves your home feeling and smelling fresh and makes it a more inviting place for study groups and family. Along with a new school year often come hectic schedules and busy families. You are left with little time to spend cleaning your carpets. Don’t stress yourself out trying to take the time to move furniture, rent a carpet cleaner, and clean the carpets yourself. You can save time and stress by leaving the job to Steam Green!

After you call us to schedule a carpet cleaning, on the day our professionals will show up to your home and do a complete walkthrough while discussing with you your specific cleaning needs and concerns. Afterwards, we offer to move all of the furniture that can be safely moved. For some furniture, it may be necessary for you to remove the delicate objects, such as picture frames, glassware, and other breakables prior to moving. It is our policy not to move electronics due to the sometimes-sensitive nature of these items and their connections. The furniture will be moved out enough to clean behind it and placed back on protective coasters, in its original location.

Then we use the hot water extraction method otherwise known as “steam cleaning.” Our gentle deep cleaning method flushes and rinses while extracting 95% of the water using the most advanced truck mount equipment in our industry. We pre-treat the carpet with our plant-based emulsifier then extract the loosened soils with 180 degree water leaving no residue behind.

Finally, Carpets will be groomed with a low pile brush rake for an attractive finish. Odor treatment and carpet protection are not included in the basic cleaning, but are highly recommended and available to our customers at affordable prices. After we leave you can enjoy your clean carpets right away! Clean socks or house shoes are recommended. Drying times depend on air temperature, carpet thickness, and humidity. Generally, your carpets will be damp to touch and dry within a few hours, usually 7- 12 on average.

Then sit back for a moment of peace and quiet and enjoy the non toxic smell of our natural cleaners before the school bus drops off the kids.

- Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and Restoration
Peoria Illinois & Bloomington Illinois (and surrounding areas)