Prolong your Carpets & Furniture in Peoria IL & Bloomington IL


Prolong your Carpets & Furniture

Another year is passed, placing another 365 days of wear and buildup on carpets and furniture throughout your home. If you have a pet, this build up may consist of unpreferred liquids (or even solids). Here at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, we service the Peoria IL and Bloomington IL areas with a full range of services to restore your home to its original comfort and cleanliness.

Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Restoration are Not the Same in Peoria IL & Bloomington IL


Carpet Cleaning & Carpet Restoration are Not the Same

Here at Steam Green (Peoria, IL & Bloomington, IL), we offer a variety of Carpet Cleaning options; but one may ask the true difference between Carpet Cleaning and Carpet Restoration. The grade at which these services are offered varies in regards to the severity of your issues, and a vast difference does exist.

Tackling Carpet and Furniture Odor Issues in Peoria IL & Bloomington IL


Tackling Carpet & Furniture Odor Issues

Despite the presentation of your current existing carpets or furniture, one of the most prominent issues may be a resounding odor. Although this smell could be minute, it is important to recognize that such an existence affects your indoor air quality.