Hard Surface Cleaning and Restoration in Peoria IL & Bloomington IL


Hard Surface Cleaning and Restoration

Here at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and Restoration we are often recognized for our Carpet/Furniture Remediation and other relative services throughout Peoria Illinois & Bloomington Illinois (and surrounding areas). It is important to note that our highly trained team of experts also provide other restoration services for those looking to bring life to other areas of their home or business. While specializing in softer material restoration, we also provide services that revive your hard flooring such as: Tile, Grout, and Hardwoods. It is likely that your home or business is constructed with both flooring options, and we strive to be your "go-to" solution for all of your cleaning and restoration needs.

With the growing popularity of hard surfaces in your place of residence, our crew is dedicated to providing the same level of expertise in these areas. Whether your surface needs dustless refinishing/recoating or has not been professionally cleaned in quite some time; our services are sure to surpass your expectations. Utilizing high quality equipment and certified products, with Steam Green you are able to achieve desirable and durable results. Upon booking, you are put in touch with an expert who can answer any questions or concerns that are experienced throughout your home. From there, we will guide you through the recommended process; all in a cost effective and efficient manner.

There is a growing number of hardwood types, finishes, and layouts throughout Peoria IL and Bloomington IL, that only vast experience would deem a company trustworthy. Our familiarization with hard flooring types is relative to the growing standards and expectations in regards to a thorough cleaning and restoration process. A collaborative team of certified restoration experts is already in complete understanding of your type of hard flooring material, and can help you reach a conclusion upon the most effective restoration solution. Beyond the complexity of restoration, we also offer dustless refinishing to ensure a finish like never before. As we drop to bear crawl position to ensure an elegant outcome, you can rest in the ease that a fully committed company with profound experience will restore the life to your flooring.

Similar to your carpets and furniture, your hard flooring is used on a day to day basis. Although they may not absorb spills and other unwanted solutions into direct fibers, they still contain cracks and creases that propose detrimental possibilities. Areas that have been worn down to bare wood, have deep stains or color differences in the wood or chipping and peeling typically require a compete sanding and refinishing (Steam Green does not provide this particular service but, can refer you to a reputable company). By contacting our team at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and Restoration, we can provide an in home inspection and estimate to determine whether dustless refinishing is the right choice for your floor. Whether you are experiencing discoloration, issues noticeable to the eye (such as dents or cracks), a fading finishing, or simply looking for a thorough clean; our crew is on standby to help you determine the best options to bring your floor back to life. Do not hesitate to reach out via our Contact Page or by Phone to discuss your questions and/or options for reaching the finalized look that you desire. Join the community of satisfied home and business owners in your area, as we continue to expand into the "all-in-one" business for your cleaning and restoration needs.

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