How To: Post Halloween Cleanup in Peoria IL & Bloomington IL


How To: Post Halloween Cleanup

Halloween is almost here and with it comes costume creation, trick-or-treating, pumpkin carving and holiday parties. Even though Halloween festivities are tons of family fun, they can also leave behind a major mess. Imagine pumpkin stains, fake blood, and clusters of melted candy stuck on your carpets. When your Halloween celebration turns from spooky to slimy, give Steam Green a call to come refresh your floors with a deep clean!

Halloween falls at the start of the flu season. If any of your party guests have the sniffles, chills, or other flu symptoms, they may already be sick. The virus that causes the flu can live on your home's surfaces for 48 hours, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

A professional-level deep cleaning of your floors can remove the flu virus, eradicate cold germs and eliminate other microorganisms from your home. This reduces the likelihood that you or your family will get sick from the post-party environment.

The herds of kids who rushed through your home during the family-friendly Halloween party left behind dirty footprints, cake-covered handprints and plenty of uninvited microscopic guests. Microorganisms can live on hard surfaces, such as hardwood floors and carpet fibers anywhere from hours to days.

Like the aftermath of a Halloween party, trick-or-treaters can also leave plenty of germs behind. Chances are that the flu, cold or other viruses / bacteria will stay at your door (or in the candy bowl).

Even though you may not have to take care of the multitudes of microorganisms after handing candy out, you may need help cleaning up the messy footprints. As each trick-or-treater marches up your walkway and to your front door, they can track dirt, mud and other muck (especially if it's raining on Halloween night) onto your steps or front porch. If you invite trick-or-treaters into the foyer, they can also leave their mark on your interior space.

Calling in the pros after a night of trick-or-treating is an easy way to get your porch or entryway floor sparkling and scuff-free.

At Steam Green, we use the hot water extraction method otherwise known as “steam cleaning.” Our gentle deep cleaning method flushes and rinses while extracting 95% of the water using the most advanced truck mount equipment in our industry. We pre-treat the carpet with our plant-based emulsifier then extract the loosened soils with 180 degree water leaving no residue behind. The products we use are derived from organic ingredients such as citrus peel, lime extract, grapefruit seed extract, and natural enzymes and are certified by a third party to meet today’s green standards such as Green Seal or Designed for the Environment EPA logos. Most customers are pleasantly surprised at the huge difference in the look and feel of their carpets.

Enjoy the festivities of fall and halloween without worrying about the germs and melted chocolate on your carpets - Call Steam Green Today!

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