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Maintain + Protect + Restore

We all want new shiny things that stay glistening forever, however everything in life requires maintenance. Whether it's a car that needs an oil change or a marriage due for date night, everything including furniture needs to be maintained properly. You may already be doing this by maintaining your carpets, hardwoods, and tiles clean with the the help of our Steam Green Services, but did you know we also offer upholstery cleaning? If you have a couch or an armchair that's been sitting in your living room for a couple years and you want to bring some life back to it, call Steam Green!

We clean all types of furniture and upholstery, from microfibers to cottons, velvet and even leather.We clean your leather by hand, using products that will soften and condition the leather, restoring it to its initial supple and luxurious feel. Leather cleaning done in this time honored way takes a little longer so allow a little extra time. The difference between Steam Green's upholstery Cleaning Services and that of other companies is that we use green products. Many people have a preconceived notion that only harsh chemicals can get the job done, but we prove that wrong. Our wide range of Green Certified products along with specialized equipment, allow us to remove body oils, dirt and even those mystery spots that keep hanging around. We can often remove stains that you may have thought permanent. And the good news is that if your dog or kid ever put their mouths on the couch you can remain confident knowing that they're not licking millions of chemicals. At the end of the day our green products are better for your family, the planet and your wallet!

The upholstery cleaning process includes spot treatment, deep cleaning, and removal of dirt. After the job is done, the cleaned furniture needs to be allowed to dry for 1-4 hours. The type and thickness of the fabric, its construction, humidity, and airflow, will all affect the drying time.

How often will you need Steam Green to come out and clean your furniture? Well that question depends on some others. For example...Do you have kids? Do you have pets? Do you work outside, or frequently track in dirt and grime? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should probably have the upholstery in your main living areas cleaned at least twice per year. If not, once a year or every 18 months will do.

Safely cleaning furniture requires more time, expertise and especially more care. Our technicians are trained to understand the right products, temperature, and pressure needed to safely and effectively clean all fabrics. Don’t trust just anyone to do this. Furniture pieces are expensive investments and need specialty crafted attention. With our equipment and expertise we can clean, protect, and restore your furniture to its former beauty and save you from spending thousands on new furniture.

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