Moving to a Blank Slate in Peoria IL & Bloomington IL


Moving to a Blank Slate

Peak moving season is upon us. The real estate market itself has been crazy but for the lucky people whose offers have been accepted, congratulations! However... your work has just begun. Now you’re moving into your new home, all papers are signed, and payment confirmed: “Signed, sealed and delivered.” Its the move-in day, you’re all excited, but you open your new home doors after having a painter come in, and the house is a mess. It’s dusty; there’s a stench in the air, the kitchen floors are sticky and there are paint splatters on the borders of every wall. You could get on your hands and knees with a scraper and some paper towels with all of your boxes still unpacked or you can give Steam Green a call! At Steam Green we specialize in all types of floor cleaning including laminate, hardwoods, carpet and tile. So while you're unpacking boxes and organizing, let Steam Green morph your floors into a blank slate to be later filled with furniture and beautiful decor.

If your house is full of dingy carpets with odors of past homeowners, we'll disinfect them with our safe and green products which are especially perfect for families with kids who as we all know crawl around and put just about everything in their mouths. We use the hot water extraction method otherwise known as “steam cleaning.” Our gentle deep cleaning method flushes and rinses while extracting 95% of the water using the most advanced truck mount equipment in our industry. We pre-treat the carpet with our plant-based emulsifier then extract the loosened soils with 180 degree water leaving no residue behind.

With the growing popularity of hardwood flooring in homes, there is an increased need for a professional cleaning method that will go beyond the capabilities of traditional mop cleaning. Steam Green's low moisture cleaning process has the ability to loosen and extract deeply embedded dirt that is not able to be removed through traditional cleaning methods like mopping and vacuuming. Our wood floor cleaning machine is designed to gently scrub the floor using a safe cleaning solution that emulsifies the dirt build up and breaks its bond with the floor surface for easy removal. Steam Green will leave your hardwoods feeling refreshed and ready for Area Rugs and couches, which Steam Green can clean as well!

Unless your rugs, couches, and armchairs are wrapped in plastic wrap during a move, there is a very good chance they will get stained and dragged along moving trucks and pavements. You can spend hours scrubbing them with harsh chemicals or you can give Steam Green a call! Along with cleaning your floors, we can deep clean your furniture as well to give you a blank slate. Our technicians are trained to understand the right products, temperature, and pressure needed to safely and effectively clean all fabrics. Don’t trust just anyone to do this. With our equipment and expertise we can clean, protect, and restore your furniture to its former beauty.

Don't let moving stress you out and spend hours cleaning your floors and furniture while your boxes lay unpacked in a corner. Instead, give Steam Green a call and we'll take care of it for you, giving you a blank slate for your new chapter!

- Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and Restoration
Peoria Illinois & Bloomington Illinois (and surrounding areas)