Your Guide to Living with Pets & Clean Floors in Peoria IL & Bloomington IL


Your Guide to Living with Pets & Clean Floors

For those of us who have pets or are considering getting one, it's no secret that they're a lot of work. With all the fur, food spills, and urine, it can be really hard to maintain a pristine home. Fortunately, it’s possible with the help of Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and a couple of our tips. Even if you have a dog or cat running around, just follow these tips for keeping floors clean with pets.

1. Most dogs and cats shed, so fur-related messes are the number one issue pet owners face. Keep hair buildup at bay with daily brushing sessions. If possible, brush your pet outside to keep fur from flying around the living room as you groom your pet. Over time however, some hair will shed and it's crucial to get your floors deep cleaned by our professionals at Steam Green annually for a fresh start.

2. Living with pets means you’ll occasionally have to clean up accidents. Act fast and use enzyme-based cleaners to get feces, urine, vomit, and other fluids out of the carpet and off the hardwood floor as effectively as possible. At Steam Green, we only use natural products so whether you have kids or puppies licking the carpet and biting it, you can rest assured that they're not consuming any toxic chemicals.

3. Buy your pet a comfortable, sensible bed you can clean easily. (Remember to do this about once a week.) Then, assign your dog to a specific room. Over time, this will become his “den” where he hangs out most of the time. As a result, a majority of your pet’s hair and dirt will remain confined to that room.

4. Call Steam Green for our pet remediation services. Pet urine is one of the most damaging things that can come in contact with carpet. Not only is it acidic which allows certain fiber types to become stained, it can destabilize dyes, break down glues and backing subject to the amount of exposure. Depending on the size of the spot and how much dwell time was involved, it is not uncommon for urine to migrate beyond the backing and into the padding. Standard hot water extraction cleaning involves removing contaminants from only the face fibers of carpet and has no deodorizing properties on its own. Once the urine has affected the backing and/or padding, this requires a more extensive cleaning process that involves these steps:

- Use of a UV light to illuminate the areas of urine contamination. Urine contains phosphorus and broken down blood proteins which show up under a black light.
- Natural oxidizing solution is applied to break down the urine crystals and destroy odors at a molecular level so that they can be extracted. This product is incredibly effective at destroying the odor without leaving a residual “cover up” odor behind. We use enough product to recreate the accident.
- Sub surface extractor is used to remove the source of contamination by its ability to go beyond the backing and extract the contamination from the padding as well as the carpet. May be necessary to treat face fibers of carpet throughout rooms that have multiple spots to take care of any cross contamination that may have occurred through tracking of odor causing bacteria. This ensures the likelihood of complete odor removal.
- Thorough cleaning and rinsing.
- Plant based proprietary blend of essential oil deodorizer is applied.

Loving your pets is a lot more important than being stressed over muddy paws and shedding, but you can use these steps and call Steam Green to make things a bit easier!

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