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Your Winter Holiday Restoration Company

Despite our preparation, cold temperatures seem to take us by surprise year-to-year. It is almost as if the detriment the cold induces is almost forgotten through the summer months, just to return twice as powerful. These colder temperatures and winter months do a great job at pushing us indoors, as out outdoor excursions are temporary only; sometimes sprinting to the next location. Staying indoors is preferred in regards to warmth. However, in regards to your carpets, furniture, and cleanliness of your home; staying indoors can bring about heightened anxiety. Our certified team of restoration experts at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration (Peoria, IL & Bloomington, IL) would like to relieve you of your weary, as you rest in the ease that there is little to nothing that can take place that we cannot resolve. If grandma drops her Christmas Dinner on your white carpet or your new baby cousins draw Christmas trees with Jam in your furniture, Steam Green is just a call away to provide you with all your Restoration needs.

Maybe you find yourself in a position to host an event this year, striving to revive your home to the most lively presentation for family/co-workers. Here at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration (Peoria, IL & Bloomington, IL), we don't just revive carpets/furniture; but we provide deep cleaning and stain seals in preparation for large events as well. The color of our carpets and furniture change similar to a growing child. We often do not notice a drastic change year-to-year because we witness subtle changes day-to-day. However, after providing our Cleaning & Restoration services we often hear "I had no idea my carpet/furniture was supposed to look like that". A simple pre-party cleaning can not only restore your home back to life, but restore your confidence as well. Ask about our stain preventative measures we can include to prevent your carpets or furniture from absorbing any unwanted liquids.

What about after the party, especially in regards to the ever progressing COVID-19 virus; deep cleans are highly recommended after any social gathering. Even for smaller gatherings of immediate family, there should be no risks taken. If you are brave enough to host such an event this winter; our family at Steam Green Carpet Cleaning and Restoration (Peoria, IL & Bloomington, IL) wishes you and your family the highest safety standards. We would be more than willing to restore the sanitation of your home after the spectacular event has ended. It is our top priority to ensure safety and sanitary principals throughout the community in which we were founded.

As our community takes another winter plunge into frigid temperatures, now is the time to begin planning for our warmth lockdown. With increased time indoors it is important to ensure sanitary conditions through deep cleans of your carpets and furniture. If you are taking the extra step to host an event during COVID-19, we highly encourage restoration services upon conclusion (if not before as well). At Steam Green Carpet Cleaning & Restoration (Peoria, IL & Bloomington, IL) we are devoting ourselves this Holidays to relieving you of your anxiety; providing a provision of quality services for your each and every need. Yes, even if grandma drops her Christmas dinner on your fresh white carpets.

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